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The Republic's activities, and the impact of our research.

'Accounting for Intangibles' Report Launched at The Work Foundation

Research Republic's Rohit Lekhi presented the report, 'Accounting for Intangibles: Financial reporting and value creation in the knowledge economy' to partners at The Work Foundation. Starting with the "value paradox", in which it is increasingly difficult to account for knowledge-based assets while these become increasingly important in the knowledge economy, it outlined how intangible assets in the public sector can be used towards creating public value, and gave recommendations for policymakers on how to resolve the value paradox. They were joined by speakers from the Cabinet Office and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

Good Work Report Discussed in Parliamentary Debate

In a recent speech to parliament by Dr. Howard Stoate, Labour MP for Dartford, entitled 'Men's Health at Work', research conducted by Research Republic in collaboration with the Work Foundation was cited. Dr. Stoate argued that the qualities of good work established by the report, have a "direct and quantifiable" effect on "health, life expectancy and life chances". Such work, he outlined, is characterised by lack of monotony and repetition, autonomy and discretion over tasks, a fair balance between effort and reward; and good workplace relationships, as the report suggested. He went on to assert that it was particularly important in the economic downturn to invest in people, through encouraging innovation in "job enrichment, empowerment initiatives aimed at enhancing autonomy, and new forms of work organisation".

Report on Good Work Discussed in Financial Times

Stefan Stern, columnist for the Financial Times, warns of the danger of declining terms of employment, referencing research carried out The Work Foundation's David Coats in association with Research Republic. In an article titled 'We will all lose out on a foolish race to the bottom' published on the International Labour Organisation's World Day for Decent Work, he expresses concern about a cost-cutting culture among managers of "all sectors" and declining job security. The report, 'Good Work: Job quality in a changing economy', published in September, is a comparative study of job quality between the UK and Europe, and investigates the interaction between the "production regime" set by employers and the regulatory "employment regime", expressing significant concerns about employment hours, intensity autonomy, rewards in comparison to other EU countries. Among the "brave" but worthwhile assertions made by the report, Stern points out, is the central argument that without good work employees are "deprived of many of the capabilities we require to chose a life that we value", and so declining employment relations may "be seen as a significant restriction to individual liberty".

Financial Times Covers Asian Financial Centres Report

A report on Asian Financial Centres by Research Republic for the City of London Corporation was covered in a Financial Times article, 'Hong Kong poses threat to City', by Brooke Masters, today. The report, 'The Future of Asian Financial Centres - Challenges and Opportunities for the City of London' analyses the emergence of Hong Kong SAR, Tokyo and Singapore, examining their development, their geopolitical context and the basis of their competitiveness. The report finds, as Masters reports, a lack of financial integration of the three centres, and suggests a proactive role for City institutions in extending business networks in Asia, as well as facilitating the outward expansion of Asian companies. Although none of the financial centres reviewed pose a substantive threat to the City's position, the report also cautions that recent regulatory failures in the UK, and the comparative stability of Asian markets in the current crisis compared to those in the west, are factors that could tip the balance.

Report on Asian Financial Centres Presented at Mansion House

The Republic's report 'The Future of Asian Financial Centres - Challenges and Opportunities for the City of London' was launched at a Mansion House breakfast hosted by the Lord Mayor, David Lewis, and Stuart Fraser, Chairman of Policy and Resources at the City of London Corporation. In addition to the Republic's Rohit Lekhi outlining the findings of the report, the meeting also featured insights from the Lord Mayor's recent visits to East Asia and a speech by Stuart Fraser about the City's ongoing engagement with Asian financial centres in the economic downturn.