Building Capacity in Kenya’s ICT Market Using Cross-Border Scrum Teams by Andy Haxby and Rohit Lekhi

This practitioner report outlines the nature of constraints to the development of ICT markets in Kenya, and identifies the cause of key market failures to grow domestic capacity. Results of an initiative to improve Kenyan ICT capacity though mentoring, international collabo- ration and the use of Agile project management methods are discussed. Based on findings from CodePamoja, a two-year collaboration between Dutch and Kenyan IT companies and the German government, the report explains how the use of cross-border Agile teams may align well to the objectives of those working in ICT4D. 


Improving international access to credit markets by The Corporation of London and Research Republic

This report presents the key ndings of our comparative assessment of individual credit markets. The Credit Market Assessment Framework (CMAF) is a data analysis tool designed speci cally for this project. We cover eleven countries in our in-depth market speci c analyses. These were selected on the basis they are representative of the range of markets across the developmental spectrum, and because they cover an extensive cross-section in terms of regions, economic development, and political history. They are as follows: China; Germany; India; Japan; Nigeria; Mexico; Singapore; Norway; the UK; the USA; and Vietnam. Through undertaking this analysis, broader policy implications were developed, which directly pertain to other countries in similar developmental stages.