Our Networks

We draw on an extensive international network of policymakers, academics and expert practitioners. This network provides us with an understanding of the latest concerns in policy and practice and also gives us access, at the earliest stages, to the latest ideas from leading thinkers in the university sector and in think tanks. For example, the Republic is an associate of the Work Foundation, with which we collaborated on a three-year research project reviewing, developing and applying the concept of public value. The resulting reports considered the work of a range of public sector organisations including the Metropolitan Police, the Home Office, the Royal Opera House, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, Capita, OFCOM and the Learning and Skills Development Agency. Our network also facilitates access, in pursuit of our research, to senior decision-makers in a range of national and international institutions.


The Republic maintains extensive links with universities across the UK. It seeks to update its knowledge base through active learning from the country's leading experts in organisational studies and management, finance and political economy, and democracy. Our associate researchers, meanwhile, hold prominent positions in a number of prestigious UK and international universities and business schools.

Research Integrity

We ensure that our work meets the highest standards required for evidence-based policymaking by ensuring that we have a rigorous quality assurance framework in place for all of our outputs. This includes an internal review process including weekly progress monitoring of all projects, so any potential risk factors are identified and addressed at the earliest stage. We also have an external review process that ensures final drafts of reports are critically reviewed by at least two independent expert practitioners. Our review process ensures the clarity and accuracy of our work, and that it is delivered in an appropriate form for our clients.